Combating Prediabetes and Type-2 Diabetes with a Mobile Health Engagement App

Behavioral engagement is viewed as a core mitigator in the fight against lifestyle disease, such as prediabetes and type-2 diabetes. Driven by research presented at the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions, an Icelandic mobile health-engagement platform in the form of an app can help promote weight loss and adherence to in-person lifestyle modification programs among overweight and obese adults, new research indicates.

The app, developed by SidekickHealth, allows individuals to track their progress in a gamified platform, where they - for example - receive points for logging their exercise, vegetable and water intake. The app was designed to circumvent limitations of low health and technological literacy among adults, which is showing its success in both research and practice. It will be used within the SÍBS Life and Health Lifestyle Training program - a development project under the supervision of SÍBS. SÍBS is a non-profit organization with the aim of improving the health and well-being of Icelanders through rehabilitation, prevention, positive intervention, education and awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The program is based upon the US CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program, and the program´s lifestyle coaches were trained by a certified CDC coach. The coaches will work with participants both with the app and on-site in the facilities of Heilsuborg health center.

The project is funded by the Public Health Institute of Iceland, in collaboration with SidekickHealth, Heilsuborg, and the City of Reykjavik, which sponsored the program for their employees, allowing anyone, not just those at risk of diabetes, to participate.

SidekickHealth has received multiple Nordic, Icelandic and European awards for their innovation in health tech, as well as funding from Frumtak Ventures, Tennin ehf., and others.

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