EpiEndo Pharmaceuticals to advance respiratory treatment with €800k fundraising

EpiEndo Pharmaceuticals received €800k (ISK 110 million) in capital from Icelandic funds, including Brunnur Ventures and existing shareholders.

This fund will be used to develop the treatment called “Barriolides” of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). COPD is a common respiratory disease with over 70 million patients globally. Besides respiratory conditions, Barriolides is expected to open the way for a new class of drugs that are effective and easy to administer to patients for several diseases.

“[The] scientific team has meticulously developed the novel Barriolide technology over a number of years, and with this recent funding we will be able to advance this important program of work to choose our first clinical candidate (CD) in 2019,” said Fredrik Lehmann, CEO of EpiEndo.

EpiEndo Pharmaceuticals is a private pharmaceutical company in Iceland. EpiEndo Pharmaceuticals consists of a highly experienced team who are researching to find ways to create new treatments for chronic respiratory diseases, and new applications for other epithelial tissues.

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