Epilepsy drug based on research by Icelandic professor now sold in the United States

About 30-years ago, Dr. Sveinbjörn Gizurarson, professor at the Faculty of Pharmacology at the University of Iceland, and his colleagues began work on an emergency treatment for epilepsy designed for delivery as a nasal spray. In December of 2019, this work has culminated in the formal sale of the treatment under the drug-name Nayzilam. Nayzilam is a product of the multinational biopharmaceutical company UCB but licensed from the Icelandic tech company Hananja ehf and the University of Iceland.

The drug is designed for emergency treatment of acute seizures and is expected to greatly increase the quality of life of those suffering from epilepsy. The patents for this specific drug were awarded years in advance of the numerous drug development companies being involved.

To learn more about licensing and research opportunities in Iceland, please visit the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) Iceland, the University of Iceland or Invest in Iceland.

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