Icelandic MedTech Company Engages with Women’s College Hospital in Toronto

Medilync, a medical technology company from Iceland, has announced their work with the Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health Systems and Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV) in Toronto, Ontario. Medilync was selected among a delegation of 15-Nordic companies to visit the hospital and care centers in Toronto.

WIHV completed a comprehensive evaluation of Medilync’s flagship technologies and their full potential within the Ontario healthcare system.

Sigurjon Lydsson (CEO and Co-Founder of Medilync), in response to the announcement, states that “[Medilync is] so thrilled with the delegation visit and the quality of the sessions and meeting we had during our time in Toronto. We feel that there are excellent learning opportunities and we appreciate the insight the WIHV team has offered us.”

Medilync is focusing on improving the lives of patients with diabetes by improving the ease of disease self-management. Cloudlync, their flagship software, contains computer vision that facilitates the accurate logging of insulin doses administered via analogue insulin pens.

Previously, Medilync and the National University Hospital of Iceland announced a collaboration on efficacy testing of the software, and the company was recently awarded a Phase-1 Grant from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 fund for further work with Icelandic patients.

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