Medilync partners with National Hospital and Receives Horizon 20/20 grant

Medilync, a medical device company from Iceland, is focusing on improving the lives of patients with diabetes by improving the ease of disease self-management. Cloudlync, their flagship software, contains computer vision that facilitates the accurate logging of insulin doses administered via analogue insulin pens.

Diabetes care management is complex, involving multiple caretakers, patient stakeholders and, of course, the patient themselves. Although diabetes requires a highly-disciplined routine of glucose monitoring and insulin injections, it is estimated that up to 75% of patients with diabetes are not in good control of their condition. The software developed by Medilync shares logged data automatically to the patient´s doctors, thereby increasing care-plan adherence and allowing engagement of all stakeholders between episodes of care.

Medilync and the National University Hospital of Iceland are collaborating on efficacy testing of the software, and the company was recently awarded a Phase-1 Grant from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 fund for further work with Icelandic patients.

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