Pfizer Partners with Icelandic Digital Health Company

SidekickHealth, a digital therapeutics company from Iceland, has partnered with Pfizer, a global pharmaceutical conglomerate, to develop a digital solution for smoking cessation.

Sidekickhealth co-founder and CEO commented on the partnership, “As a doctor I have witnessed the harm of smoking and how extremely difficult it can be to quit. We are grateful for the opportunity to expand our partnership with Pfizer into smoking cessation. Our platform is proven to encourage and enforce positive behavior and improved health outcomes. A combined approach with Pfizer will help a lot more people to quit smoking and stick to it.”

Previously, this year, SidekickHealth was in the news for receiving global recognition. SidekickHealth earned a top spot at the annual Roche Innovation Summit in Switzerland. Out of 160 competing companies, only two startups were selected to participate at the main Innovation Summit of the global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. SidekickHealth has received attention as a premier European health-tech startup, received a featured post in Corporate Wellness Magazine, and had its industry-leading evidence published in Health Tech Insider.

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