The Technology Transfer Office of Iceland Celebrates 1st Anniversary

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of Iceland celebrated its 1st anniversary last December. TTO is a national technology transfer office that serves the Icelandic universities, colleges and public research institutes. The organization was primarily set up as a means of providing a gateway for research to investment opportunities, as well as the necessary networking required in the science fields in Iceland.

The mission of TTO is to “transform the excellent science and inventions into meaningful products and services with significant societal, environmental and economic impact, both nationally and internationally.” The TTO works directly with a variety of partners in the public and private sectors, including ministries, universities, research organizations and the Federation of Icelandic Industries. 
During their first year, TTO has become an emerging cornerstone of Icelandic life sciences, including for researchers and companies. By providing the growing volume of researchers an opportunity to learn all the practical aspects of building a company, while broadening their network, TTO is participating directly in the success of Icelandic life sciences. Additionally, TTO is connecting academia, industries and investment companies.

To learn more, please visit the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) Iceland or Invest in Iceland.

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