Virtual Reality Health-Tech Company Receives Nordic Recognition

FLOWVR was founded by meditation experts, visual artists, and technologists with the mission to combine cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) with meditation and mindfulness tools by leveraging the SAMSUNG Gear VR.

FLOWVR is working with companies to help their employees de-stress and improve their mental health. Studies indicate that annual productivity increase by thousands of dollars annually after participating in mindfulness meditation programs. FLOWVR moved to bring these practices directly into the workplace and part of everyday work life, but in a way that is engaging and encourages daily use and high adoption.

Accelerating their current trajectory, FLOWVR recently received a Technology Development grant from the Icelandic government, while being accepted into the prestigious Norwegian tech accelerator, Katapult. Most recently, FLOWVR was awarded first prize at a business plan competition (Golden Egg) by Icelandic Startups.

Health technology companies in Iceland, as well as other life science companies, benefit from low corporate tax and encouraging financial incentives for R&D and commercial applications. To learn more, please visit Invest in Iceland.


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