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Invest in Iceland provides information on investment opportunities and on the business enviroment in Iceland.

The services that Invest in Iceland offer include:

  • Information regarding investment opportunities in Iceland
  • Data collection on the business environment
  • Arrange for visits on sites as well as plan contacts with local authorities
  • Arrange meetings with local professional consultants and business partners
  • Lobby for improved conditions for foreign investors

Emerson Collective Invests in an Icelandic Medical Fish Skin Company


Kerecis, an Icelandic medical device company and pioneer in using fish skin in tissue regeneration, recently announced a $16m series C financing round. The funds will be used to increase sales and marketing in the United States and Switzerland. According to media coverage in Iceland, Emerson Collective, which was founded by Laurene Powel Jobs, is o...

Recent news

Work in Iceland - Information website on living and working in Iceland


Iceland is a family friendly and safe place to live. Icelandic industries do also offer exciting opportunities for international specialists in a variety of sectors. To facilitate a smooth relocation the Ministry of Industries and Innovation, Federation of Icelandic Industries and Promote Iceland have introduced a new one-stop-shop website on moving to Iceland, working and living.

Viad Corp to invest in new geothermal lagoon


Canadian experiential services company VIAD is investing in new geothermal lagoon attraction in Iceland's capital area. This oceanfront attraction is currently in development and is expected to open in 2021. VIAD's Flyover Iceland was recently opned in Reykjavik.

Fundargerð peningastefnunefndar


Peningastefnunefnd birtir fundargerðir af fundum sínum tveimur vikum eftir að tilkynnt er um vaxtaákvörðun. Hér birtist fundargerð fundar peningastefnunefndarinnar 30. september og 1. október 2019, en á honum ræddi nefndin efnahagsþróunina, þróun á fjármálamörkuðum, vaxtaákvörðunina 2. október og kynningu þeirrar ákvörðunar.

Afmörkun viðskipta við Seðlabanka Íslands


Seðlabankinn hefur ákveðið að frá og með 1. apríl 2020 mun bankinn fækka þeim aðilum sem átt geta viðskiptareikning í Seðlabankanum. Í þeim hópi eru nú bankar, sparisjóðir, lánafyrirtæki, ríkisstofnanir og ýmsir sjóðir í eigu ríkisins. Frá og með 1. apríl nk. munu eingöngu innlánsstofnanir, þ.e. viðskiptabankar, og sparisjóðir og A-hluta stofnanir...

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