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Invest in Iceland provides information on investment opportunities and on the business enviroment in Iceland.

The services that Invest in Iceland offer include:

  • Information regarding investment opportunities in Iceland
  • Data collection on the business environment
  • Arrange for visits on sites as well as plan contacts with local authorities
  • Arrange meetings with local professional consultants and business partners
  • Lobby for improved conditions for foreign investors

Emerson Collective Invests in an Icelandic Medical Fish Skin Company


Kerecis, an Icelandic medical device company and pioneer in using fish skin in tissue regeneration, recently announced a $16m series C financing round. The funds will be used to increase sales and marketing in the United States and Switzerland. According to media coverage in Iceland, Emerson Collective, which was founded by Laurene Powel Jobs, is o...

Recent news

Third phase of government economic response to COVID-19


Increased support for companies, extension of part time employment with government support and simpler rules on financial restructuring of companies are key elements in the government's third phase of economic response to COVID-19

Second phase of economic response measures


Increased support for R&D, closure subsidies, immediate support loans for SMEs and allowance to carry 2020 losses back to offset 2019 income tax are among the measures introduced by the government as part of the second COVID-19 economic response package on April 21.

Vextir á innstæðubréfi Seðlabanka Íslands CBI2016


Með vísan til 2. mgr. 10. gr. laga nr. 37/2016 um meðferð krónueigna sem háðar eru sérstökum takmörkunum skulu vextir af innstæðubréfum, sem tilgreind eru í lögunum, endurskoðaðir af Seðlabanka Íslands á vaxtagjalddaga.

Viðskiptaafgangur 11,4 á fyrsta ársfjórðungi


Á fyrsta ársfjórðungi 2020 var 11,4 afgangur á viðskiptajöfnuði við útlönd samanborið við 50,9 afgang ársfjórðunginn á undan. Halli á vöruskiptajöfnuði var 18,6 en afgangur á þjónustujöfnuði var 24 Frumþáttatekjur skiluðu 14,2 afgangi en rekstrarframlög 8,3 halla. Hrein staða við útlönd var jákvæð um 692 ma...

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