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Invest in Iceland provides information on investment opportunities and on the business enviroment in Iceland.

The services that Invest in Iceland offer include:

  • Information regarding investment opportunities in Iceland
  • Data collection on the business environment
  • Arrange for visits on sites as well as plan contacts with local authorities
  • Arrange meetings with local professional consultants and business partners
  • Lobby for improved conditions for foreign investors

Pharmaceutical R&D Investments on the Rise in Iceland


Investments in research and development manufacturing within the pharmaceutical industry are continuing to increase in Iceland, including those from Novartis, Alvotech, and Coripharma. According to Frumtök, the Icelandic Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Novartis has contributed over 160m ISK over the previous three years. Contributing to...

Recent news

Investment in Nordic Data Centres set to double by 2025


A new report, published by the Nordic Council of Ministers, projects sharp growth for the Nordic data centre market until 2025, based on competitive advantages such as abundant renewable energy, reliable power supply, low energy prices, political stability and faster time-to-market primarily due to ease of doing business.

Yfirlýsing peningastefnunefndar 12. desember 2018


Peningastefnunefnd Seðlabanka Íslands hefur ákveðið að halda vöxtum bankans óbreyttum. Meginvextir bankans, vextir á sjö daga bundnum innlánum, verða því áfram 4,5%. Samkvæmt nýlega birtum þjóðhagsreikningum var hagvöxtur 5% á fyrstu níu mánuðum ársins sem er lítillega meira en Seðlabankinn gerði ráð fyrir í nóvemberspá sinni. Verðbólga hefur aukis...

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