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Invest in Iceland provides information on investment opportunities and on the business enviroment in Iceland.

The services that Invest in Iceland offer include:

  • Information regarding investment opportunities in Iceland
  • Data collection on the business environment
  • Arrange for visits on sites as well as plan contacts with local authorities
  • Arrange meetings with local professional consultants and business partners
  • Lobby for improved conditions for foreign investors

Emerson Collective Invests in an Icelandic Medical Fish Skin Company


Kerecis, an Icelandic medical device company and pioneer in using fish skin in tissue regeneration, recently announced a $16m series C financing round. The funds will be used to increase sales and marketing in the United States and Switzerland. According to media coverage in Iceland, Emerson Collective, which was founded by Laurene Powel Jobs, is o...

Recent news

Economic and stimulus response to COVID-19


The Government of Iceland has announced a 1.6bn USD response package to the COVID-19 crisis. It includes state-backed bridging loans for companies, defferal of tax payments, financial support for the tourism sector and up to 75% of salaries paid as part-time unemployment benefits.

Iceland's response to COVID-19


Icelandic authorities have activated a Pandemic Influenza Response Plan. The main objective is that Iceland's infrastructure, particularly the health care system, will withstand the strain caused by COVID-19.The government is also announcing an extensive relief package for industries, companies and individual affected by the pandemic.

Dreifibréf til tilkynningarskyldra aðila um aðgerðir gegn peningaþvætti og fjármögnun hryðjuverka


Fjámálaeftirlit Seðlabanka Íslands (Fjármálaeftirlitið) hefur sent dreifibréf til tilkynningarskyldra aðila skv. a-k-liðum 2. gr. laga nr. 140/2018 um aðgerðir gegn peningaþvætti og fjármögnun hryðjuverka.Tilefnið er yfirlýsing Evrópska bankaeftirlitsins (EBA) um aðlögun eftirlits og áhættumats vegna peningaþvættis og fjármögnunar hryðjuverka í ljó...

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