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Iceland is a family friendly and safe place to live. Icelandic industries do also offer exciting opportunities for international specialists in a variety of sectors. To facilitate a smooth relocation the Ministry of Industries and Innovation, Federation of Icelandic Industries and Promote Iceland have introduced a new one-stop-shop website on moving to Iceland, working and living.

Viad Corp to invest in new geothermal lagoon


Canadian experiential services company VIAD is investing in new geothermal lagoon attraction in Iceland's capital area. This oceanfront attraction is currently in development and is expected to open in 2021. VIAD's Flyover Iceland was recently opned in Reykjavik.

Minutes of the MPC


Here are the minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Iceland from the meeting held on 30 September and 1 October 2019. There, the Committee discussed economic and financial market developments, the interest rate decision on 2 October, and the communication of that decision.

Restrictions on transactions with the Central Bank


The Central Bank of Iceland has decided that, effective 1 April 2020, it will reduce the number of parties eligible to hold current accounts with the Bank. These parties currently include banks, savings banks, credit institutions, governmental institutions, and various Government-owned funds. From 1 April onwards, however, only deposit-taking insti...

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