Third phase of government economic response to COVID-19


Increased support for companies, extension of part time employment with government support and simpler rules on financial restructuring of companies are key elements in the government's third phase of economic response to COVID-19

Second phase of economic response measures


Increased support for R&D, closure subsidies, immediate support loans for SMEs and allowance to carry 2020 losses back to offset 2019 income tax are among the measures introduced by the government as part of the second COVID-19 economic response package on April 21.

Interest on Central Bank of Iceland certificate of deposit CBI2016


With reference to Article 10, Paragraph 2 of the Act on the Treatment of Króna-Denominated Assets Subject to Special Restrictions, no. 37/2016, interest rates on the certificates of deposit specified in the Act are reviewed by the Central Bank on interest payment dates.

Current account surplus 11.4 in Q1 - IIP positive by 692


The current account surplus measured 11.4 in Q1/2020, as compared with a surplus of 50.9 in the preceding quarter. The deficit on goods trade totalled 18.6, while the surplus on services trade totalled 24 There was a 14.2 surplus on primary income and a 8.3 deficit on secondary income. The net international inves...

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