Central Bank

Minutes of the MPC


Here are the minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Iceland from the meeting held on 1 and 2 October 2018. There, the Committee discussed economic and financial market developments, the interest rate decision on 3 October, and the communication of that decision.

Special publication no. 12: Rafkróna - Interim report


The Central Bank of Iceland has published a report on the advantages and disadvantages of the issuance of digital currency the the Bank – a rafkróna. The report, which is the twelfth in the Special Publications series, is accessible on the Central Bank of Iceland website.

Economy of Iceland 2018


The Central Bank of Iceland has published Economy of Iceland 2018 on its website. Economy of Iceland is a biennial booklet that has been issued by the Bank since 1987. It is intended mainly for an international readership. This includes international institutions that deal with Icelandic economic matters on a regular basis, rating agencies, financi...

Statement of the Monetary Policy Committee 3 October 2018


The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Central Bank of Iceland has decided to keep the Bank’s interest rates unchanged. The Bank’s key interest rate – the rate on seven-day term deposits – will therefore remain 4.25%.

Economic Indicators 28 September 2018


The Central Bank of Iceland’s Economic Indicators report for September 2018 has been released and can be found here on the Bank’s website. The publication contains information on developments in prices, output, external trade, the labour market, public sector finances, asset markets, and the financial market. The information is published in chart f...

IMF Article IV visit to Iceland 13-25 September 2018


A mission from the International Monetary Fund has issued the following concluding statement after a two week Article IV Consultation visit to Iceland. The mission met with representatives of government, the Central Bank, as well as representatives of financial institutions and the real sector.

Chief Economist's presentation at conference on lessons from financial crisis


Thórarinn G. Pétursson, Chief Economist of the Central Bank of Iceland and Director of Economics and Monetary Policy, gave a presentation at an international conference entitled The 2008 Global Financial Crisis in Retrospect. In his presentation, Thórarinn discussed post-crisis monetary policy reform and how it has increased the effectiveness of th...

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