Central Bank

Financial Stability report published


The Financial Stability report, first issue 2021, has been posted on this website. The Bank’s semi-annual Financial Stability report presents an overview of the position of the financial system, its strengths and potential weaknesses, and the macroeconomic and operational risks it may face.

Balance sheet summary for Government credit funds


The Central Bank of Iceland now publishes a separate balance sheet summary for Government credit funds, whereas these funds were previously included with the balance sheet summary for other financial corporations. This change has been made because of Statistics Iceland’s new classification of general government institutions and companies. Until now...

Annual Report 2020


The Annual Report of the Central Bank of Iceland has been published on this website.

Central Bank to reduce the extent of its regular programme of foreign currency sales


From Wednesday, 7 April 2021 through the end of the month, the Central Bank of Iceland will sell 3 million euros to market makers in the foreign exchange market three business days per week, for a total of 33 million euros during the month. The transactions will take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday soon after the market opens, and no later...

Financial Stability Committee report to Parliament


The Central Bank of Iceland Financial Stability Committee’s (FSN) report to Parliament on its work in 2020 has been published on the Bank’s website. The FSN reports to Parliament on its work once a year. In 2020, the Committee’s first year of operation, it met a total of six times and released five statements.

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