Norsk Hydro to acquire ISAL aluminium plant

Norsk Hydro ASA has announced a binding offer to acquire Rio Tinto’s Icelandic aluminium plant ISAL. Increasing the share of Norsk Hydro's production, based on renewable energy, to over 70% is one of the reasons for the acquisition.

ISAL's annual production is 210,000 metric tonnes of liquid metal and a total of 230,000 metric tons of extrusion ingot in a newly built casthouse. The production is fully powered by renewable energy. With the acquisition Norsk Hydro will increase its total capacity to 2.4 million metric tonnes in 2018.
According to Norsk Hydro's press release there are technical synergies: "The Icelandic plant runs on the same technology platform as Hydro’s Husnes plant in Norway, where Hydro recently announced a re-opening and technological upgrade of the plants’ second electrolysis line."

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