Viad Corp to invest in new geothermal lagoon

Canadian experiential services company VIAD is investing in new geothermal lagoon attraction in Iceland's capital area. This oceanfront attraction is currently in development and is expected to open in 2021. VIAD's Flyover Iceland was recently opned in Reykjavik.


Pursuit, VIAD's collection of iconic destination travel experiences, will operate the lagoon in partnership with Geothermal Lagoon ehf, the Icelandic company that owns the lagoon assets. Steve Moster, Viad's president and chief executive officer, said, "With a scenic oceanfront location, and close proximity to downtown Reykjavik, this lagoon will offer guests a convenient, world-class experience that connects them to an iconic place known for its natural beauty and geothermal resources.”

The Geothermal Lagoon experience is located on the tip of the Karsnes peninsula in Kopavogur municipality, centrally located and close to Reykjavik city centre. See VIAD's full announcement.

Screenshot from Flyover Iceland

This summer Pursuit opened the Flyover Iceland attraction in the exciting Grandi harbour district in Reykjavik.

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