Emerson Collective Invests in an Icelandic Medical Fish Skin Company


Kerecis, an Icelandic medical device company and pioneer in using fish skin in tissue regeneration, recently announced a $16m series C financing round. The funds will be used to increase sales and marketing in the United States and Switzerland. According to media coverage in Iceland, Emerson Collective, which was founded by Laurene Powel Jobs, is o...

Icelandic MedTech Company Engages with Women’s College Hospital in Toronto


Medilync, a medical technology company from Iceland, has announced their work with the Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health Systems and Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV) in Toronto, Ontario. Medilync was selected among a delegation of 15-Nordic companies to visit the hospital and care centers in Toronto. WIHV completed a comprehensive eval...

Icelandic research receives 2.5m USD in international funding for unique biobank


The Landspítali University Hospital in Iceland has received a grant of 2.5m USD (ISK 300 million) to build a biobank in connection with one of the most comprehensive scientific studies ever conducted in the world. A total of 80,000 people in Iceland participate in the study titled iStopMM (Iceland Screens Treats or Prevents Multiple Myeloma). The g...

Investment in Nordic Data Centres set to double by 2025


A new report, published by the Nordic Council of Ministers, projects sharp growth for the Nordic data centre market until 2025, based on competitive advantages such as abundant renewable energy, reliable power supply, low energy prices, political stability and faster time-to-market primarily due to ease of doing business.

Coripharma Acquires Actavis Manufacturing Site


This past summer, Coripharma acquired the pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities of Actavis located outside of Reykjavik. Actavis is a global pharmaceutical conglomerate belonging to the Teva group. The newly established company has been under development for the previous two years and will focus on contract manufacturing, specifically producing g...

US company acquires a controlling stake in Kvikna Medical


Alliance Family of Companies has acquired a controlling stake in the Icelandic technology company, Kvikna Medical. Kvikna Medical designs and manufactures software for the uptake and processing of health data. More specifically, Kvikna Medical offers robust patient management systems; a review system for clinical EEG, including automatic artifact r...

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