Iceland's solid ICT infrastructure


Near universal internet participation, computer access and high international internet bandwith per user are among Iceland's main strengths according to ITU´s Report Measuring the Information Society 2016.

Icelandic scientists turn CO2 to stone


Icelandic scientists have achieved the groundbreaking result of permanently immobilising CO2 in just two years by injecting it into the ground, where it turns to stone.

Alvotech grand opening in Reykjavik


Alvotech opens the state of the art research and development center in the Science Park of the University of Iceland, Reykjavik, on 3 June 2016.

Icelandic Data Center at WHD2016


Due to ideal climate, green energy and sound infrastructure, Iceland can play a role in the disaggregation of data and the changing data center landscape, as explained by Jorge L. Balcells, Director of Technical Services at Verne Global.

Iceland ranks #3 in the ICT Development Index 2015


The International Telecommunications Union has published the ICT Development Index for 2015, ranking 167 economies based on information and communication technologies (ICTs), based on internationally comparable data and agreed methodologies. Iceland keeps third place as in 2010.

Iceland's Clean Energy and Climate Change


Invest in Iceland and three of Iceland's largest energy companies, participate in the Sustainable Innovation Forum, an event held in Paris at the same time as the COP21 Climate Summit.

Poly Silicon Producer Secures Equity


Silicor Materials, Inc. has secured $105M in equity capital agreements to support the construction of its first commercial-scale manufacturing of Polysilicon at Grundartangi, Iceland. This plant will be using green energy and proprietory new technology to produce the vital ingredient in solar cell.

New State of the art Silicon Metal factory


One of the world's most advanced silicon metal production plants is being built in Northeast Iceland by international PCC group. The plant will be powered exclusively by energy from renewable resources, mainly geothermal, and utilising energy-efficient technologies.

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Iceland focuses on a favorable business environment, including low corporate tax, availability of land and green energy at competitive prices and efficiency within European legislative framework. Generous support for R&D.

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Along with having one of the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe, Iceland has a highly educated workforce which is ranked among the highest in the world, offers competitively priced renewable energy with an advanced infrastructure making Iceland an ideal location for investors