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Iceland has one of the world's most reliable power infrastructures, renewable power sources, ideal climate for free cooling and offers long-term contracts and scalable locations.


Competitive Government Incentives

Iceland focuses on a favorable environment for businesses in general.


Doing Business in Iceland

The business environment in Iceland is fast moving, focused and company friendly, meeting the highest international standards.


10 Good Reasons to Invest in Iceland

Social stability and technological innovation rank Iceland as one of the preeminent societies on Earth.

A One Stop Information Center for Foreign Investors

Iceland offers great opportunities for foreign investors where an advanced economy meets low corporate taxes and incentives for foreign direct investment.

Iceland provides abundance of sustainable energy from hydro and geothermal resources, offers a European legislative framework and maintains a highly skilled workforce. Invest in Iceland offers a free of charge service in guiding you through the regulatory framework and help find successful investment opportunities in Iceland.


Poly Silicon Producer Secures Equity

Silicor Materials, Inc. has secured $105M in equity capital agreements to support the construction of its first commercial-scale manufacturing of Polysilicon at Grundartangi, Iceland. This plant will be using green energy and proprietory new technolo...

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New State of the art Silicon Metal factory

One of the world's most advanced silicon metal production plants is being built in Northeast Iceland by international PCC group. The plant will be powered exclusively by energy from renewable resources, mainly geothermal, and utilising energy-efficie...

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Data Centers Embrace the Cold

Iceland is one of Europe´s hotspots, or more specifically 'coldspots', for data centers according to a recent article in FDi magazine. And Verne Global is said to have hit the jackpot for data center locations with their Icelandic location.

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