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Invest in Iceland provides information on investment opportunities and on the business enviroment in Iceland.

The services that Invest in Iceland offer include:

  • Information regarding investment opportunities in Iceland
  • Data collection on the business environment
  • Arrange for visits on sites as well as plan contacts with local authorities
  • Arrange meetings with local professional consultants and business partners
  • Lobby for improved conditions for foreign investors

Capital Controls Lifted


As of March 14th 2017, capital controls in Iceland are lifted. The removal of the capital controls represents the completion of Iceland's return to international financial markets.

Recent news

Viad Corp invests in Flyover Iceland


Viad Corp (NYSE: VVI) has acquired a majority stake in the Icelandic entity Esja Attractions and thus secured an ideal location in Reykjavik to construct FlyOver Iceland, expected to open in 2019. "Reykjavik, Iceland is a perfect location for a FlyOver attraction as the region is enjoying robust tourism growth with visitation expected to reach 2.7 million by 2019,” says Steve Moster, Viad's president and CEO.

Opinn fundur peningastefnunefndar með efnahags- og viðskiptanefnd Alþingis


Lög um Seðlabanka Íslands kveða svo á að peningastefnunefnd Seðlabanka Íslands skuli gefa Alþingi skýrslu um störf sín tvisvar á ári og að ræða skuli efni skýrslunnar í þeirri þingnefnd sem þingforseti ákveður. Fimmtándi fundur peningastefnunefndar með Alþingi verður haldinn 22. febrúar n.k. kl 09:10.

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