Invest in Iceland

With favourable business environment and a leading position in sustainability, Iceland has a compelling value proposition for investors in various sectors.

Reykjavik Science City


A growing number of investors are acquiring stakes in Iceland’s dynamic, high-tech enterprises or making strategic purchases in production and services related to their international activities. Investors have found an investor-friendly environment with high professional standards in all the support services that a business launch needs.

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Incentives and support

The Icelandic Government acknowledges that Foreign Direct Investment is paramount to the continued sustainable growth of Iceland´s economy. Particular emphasis is on generous support and incentives for Research and Development and attracting foreign experts to work in Iceland. Special incentives for green investments have recently been introduced.

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Iceland has harnessed the potential of geothermal energy, heating 90% of its houses and producing 30% of its electricity with geothermal.

Reykjavik Science City

At your service

Invest in Iceland is part of Business Iceland and offers information and services for investors, exploring Iceland’s value propositions free of charge. We assist in information gathering and establishing contact with relevant authorities, service providers, consultants, or partners in Iceland.

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