Case Studies

Case studies

The following are case studies regarding investment opportunities in Iceland.

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Chemical investments in Iceland

Extracts from a report on Iceland as a location for chlorine and derivatives industry
PDF (484 kb)

Data centre Location

Extract from a benchmarking study on Iceland as a location for Data Centre Activity

(1.5 MB)

Geothermal Greenhouse Market Research Report

Extract from a market research report regarding Geothermal Greenhouses in Iceland

(3.9 MB)

Mink Farms in Iceland

An Extract from a business plan regarding minkfarming in Iceland

(1.6 MB)

Iceland - Safety from Natural Hazards

Extract from Key Findings from Hazard Assessment for potential sites for new Data Centres

(1.4 MB)

Long-term strategy for the Icelandic tourism industry

Extract from a Master Mapping report

(1.6 MB)

Diversified Usage of Renewable Energy in Iceland

Extract from an analysis of alternative energy intensive sectors

(1.8 MB)

Chemical Cluster in Helguvík

How is the utilization of the products and by-products?

Extract from a final thesis for B.Sc. degree

(1 MB)

Assessment of Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Costs

Extract from a benchmarking study on Iceland as a location for Carbon Fiber production

PDF (808 KB)


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