Doing Business in Iceland

On this page you will find general information about doing business in Iceland.

The business environment in Iceland is fast moving, focused and company friendly. It is not restricted by complex regulations nor burdened with a heavy system of taxation. For efficient infrastructure, expert services and smooth administration, Iceland meets the highest international standards.

See these pages below for a quick overview of the regulatory and financial frameworks: or download the latest publication in pdf format

Establishing a Business in Iceland

Information on registration of VAT and payroll, and the differences in registration and requirements depending on the type of company.

Financing and Foreign Direct Investment

Information on incentives, support, grants and restrictions in Iceland, including capital restrictions.


Information on sector based restrictions and the right to own and control property in Iceland.

Taxes in Iceland

General information on taxation on companies and individuals in Iceland, as well as other taxes, fees and depreciation.

Workforce and Obligations

Information on Icelandic workforce characteristics, and obligations regarding workforce such as contracts, wages and social security.

Financial Reporting and Auditing

A company operating in Iceland must submit annual accounts that comply with rules and disclosures, per standard EU requirements. This page includes information on these rules, as well as a link to a list of certified accountants in Iceland.

Planning and Building in Iceland

Information on the process of constructing in Iceland, where Iceland has implemented the European Union directive on Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA). This page has information on the zoning process, regulations, and permits needed in Iceland.

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