Key Sectors

Life Sciences

With strong government support, an impressive academic network, extensive population data, advanced health care system and the country's natural energy resources, Iceland offers great opportunities for knowledge-based industries such as biotechnology.



The number of foreign visitors to Iceland has multiplied over the last decade, creating a unique opportunity for investors. The focus is on quality, experience and creating new destinations and experiences for all seasons, all over the country.


Data Centers

Iceland has one of the world’s most reliable power infrastructures, renewable power sources, ideal climate for free cooling and offers long-term energy contracts and scalable locations


Algae Culture

Iceland's geothermal energy, strategic location, pure environment and availability of clean water and land offers advantages for algae culture. Microalgae production in a fully controlled environment is growing as is harvesting of pure marine algae.

Iceland offers a wide variety of business opportunities within different sectors.

A growing number of investors are acquiring stakes in Iceland’s dynamic, high-tech enterprises, or making strategic purchases in production and services related to their own international activities. Investors have found an investor-friendly environment with high professional standards in all the support services that a business launch needs.

A number of regional investment promotion agencies are also willing to assist investors seeking more detailed local information.