Algae Culture

Iceland offers this growing and exciting industry huge advantages for development and future production potential. 

The beneficial factors in Iceland for algae culture include:

  • Renewable geothermal energy
  • Long term contracts and stable costs
  • Strong potential for algae biomass production

Reasons to choose Iceland:

Green renewable energy at competitive rates

  • Iceland’s renewable geothermal energy, with its competitive rates, offers the algae culture industry a great environment for a future micro algae production centre.

Long-term energy contracts and stability in production costs

  • Iceland's ability to offer long-term energy contracts provides valuable stability for production costs.
  • Further benefits include stable grid connections and reliable delivery rates.

Exciting future potential

  • Algae culture is an industry with incredible development potential.
  • Iceland offers the ideal setting to advance this potential in a whole range of areas, such as biofuel.
  • Iceland was named as a premier location for algae biomass production at the 2013 European Algae Biomass Conference because of the country’s renewable energy resources and logistic potential.
  • Algalif AS is investing in micro algae production in Iceland, focusing on high-quality natural Astaxanthin. 
  • An investment agreement has been signed between Iceland‘s Minister of Industries and Innovation and Algalif.

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Geothermal Greenhouse research

Geothermal Greenhouse Market Research Report
Extract from a Geothermal Greenhouse market research report

Excellent Infrastructure

Iceland has excellent infrastructure, from basic infrastructure to information and communications technology, road systems, air connections and freight ports.


Iceland's geothermal energy resources make it the perfect location for greenhouse production with opportunities such as zero carbon footprint, pesticide-free growth and low cost production.