Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber production in Iceland is an exciting prospect, based on a variety of economic, environmental and political advantages.

With strong political support for high-tech industries in Iceland, carbon fiber production has the opportunity to be:

  • Lower Cost
  • More environmentally friendly
  • More efficient

Reasons to choose Iceland:

Competitively priced, renewable energy

  • Iceland's unique resources of clean, green, competitively priced energy, through access to steam and hydro power, can be hugely beneficial to carbon production. 
  • Exciting production process opportunity that is lower cost, and utilises green resources to create products that help the world lessen its carbon footprint.

Lower production costs per kg of carbon fiber

  • Production cost per kilogram of carbon fiber has the potential to be significantly lower in Iceland.

Support from government and key stakeholders

  • Strong will to develop the best conditions for carbon fiber production in Iceland, from government level to the key participants, including:
    • The energy sector
    • Shipping and construction companies
    • Owners of feasible industrial sites
  • Favourable corporate tax system, making Iceland a hugely attractive prospect.

Plentiful resources – from land to workforce

  • Widely available land in Iceland resulting in:
    • Lower cost
    • More economical carbon production than elsewhere
  • Iceland offers a highly educated workforce in the science sector.

A stable economy and a strong infrastructure

Iceland has and advanced economy with:

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Carbon Fiber

Assessment of Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Costs
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