Fish Farming

Iceland's qualities make energy-intensive food production such as fish farming a cleaner, less costly process with a top level result.

Iceland's clean waters and plentiful sources of environmentally friendly energy, including surplus geothermal water from power plants, make it an excellent environment for high-quality fish farming.

Reasons to choose Iceland:

Pure geothermal water

  • Icelanders have been working with aquaculture for over a century.
  • Using the natural resources available enables farms to produce high-quality fish in a pure environment. 

Energy that is clean, green and competitively priced

Iceland's environmentally friendly energy presents a unique opportunity for a production process that has:

  • No carbon footprint
  • Less business cost

An exciting mix of experience and opportunity

  • Iceland is already the main aquatic farmer of Atlantic Char and also a major producer of Atlantic cod, Atlantic salmon, and other species.
  • As of 2008 there were 50 registered fish farms in Iceland, mostly dealing with salmonid. They are a mixture of:
    • Farms that produce juveniles
    • Sea cage farms
    • Land-based farms
    • Mussel farms
    • Research stations

Icelandic aquaculture companies that are already using natural energy resources:

  • Matorka uses natural geothermal water and other natural resources in their production of Arctic Char. 
  • Stolt Sea farm is producing Senegalese sole on Reykjanes, using water from Reykjanes geothermal power plant.

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Educated Labor Force

Iceland has an educated and innovative labor force, and is ranked as one of the top countries in the world for its education system and employment rate in knowledge intensive sectors.

Efficient Business Environment

The business environment in Iceland is highly efficient where there is business flexibility, a flexible labor market and business friendly regulations.

Algae Culture

Iceland offers this growing and exciting industry huge advantages for development and future production potential such as renewable geothermal energy, long-term contracts, and stable costs.