Iceland's geothermal energy resources make it the perfect location for greenhouse production. 

Icelandic greenhouses offer opportunities to produce high-quality crops that are based on:

  • Zero carbon footprint
  • Pesticide-free growth
  • Low cost production

With plenty of land available at relatively low cost, as well as a cool climate, which enables a fully controlled environment free from pests, Iceland is the ideal location for greenhouse production.

Reasons to choose Iceland:

No need for pesticides

  • Iceland's isolated location, combined with the cool climate, means that it remains free from harmful bugs for most of the year. Pesticides are therefore unnecessary.

Low cost, plentiful land

  • Land is widely available and therefore relatively low cost, which means low costs for greenhouse building or expansions.

Quality produce with zero carbon footprint

  • Iceland offers clean, competitively priced geothermal energy with plenty of access to clean hot and cold water.
  • That means no carbon footprint and excellent opportunities for different kinds of production, such as vegetables and spices.

An experienced and established greenhouse culture

  • Producers in Iceland have been using geothermal energy for greenhouse production for over a century – mostly for vegetables, tomatoes and peppers.
  • This experience and knowledge provides opportunities to create organic, clearly sourced produce for the world market. 

Interesting ongoing greenhouse projects in Iceland

  • ORF Genetics is an Icelandic biotechnology company that has established 'Green Factories' to produce genetically modified barley.
  • Jurt grows the Nordic Wasabi in one of the most technologically advanced greenhouses in Europe. Located in Eastern Iceland, Jurt sells its products to fine dining restaurants and food enthusiasts.

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European Regulatory Framework

Iceland is a part of the European Economic Area, which unites member states into one single market governed by the same basic rules: free movement of goods, capital, services and persons, and competition rules.

Algae Culture

Iceland offers this growing and exciting industry huge advantages for development and future production potential such as renewable geothermal energy, long-term contracts, and stable costs.