Polysilicon is part of a growing and diverse environmental technology sector. 

Iceland's ability to offer green power makes it a perfect choice for cleantech and hightech enterprises that are looking to take advantage of this unique access to clean energy.

Reasons to choose Iceland:

Clean, green energy

Long-term contracts, stable costs, and competitive prices

  • Iceland's energy resources allow for a production process that is not just environmentally friendly, but that is also lower cost.
  • With political support and allowing for long-term contracts, Iceland also makes for a very stable business environment with reliable costs and delivery schedules.
  • These qualities make a truly favorable environment for developing cleantech enterprises.

A range of great resources 

Iceland has all the advantages needed for the environmental technology sector:

  • No shortage of competitively priced land
  • Highly educated workforce in the science sector.

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Efficient Business Environment

The business environment in Iceland is highly efficient where there is business flexibility, a flexible labor market and business friendly regulations.

Sodium Chlorate

For an electricity intensive process such as sodium chlorate production, Iceland's access to low-cost, geothermal energy makes it a highly attractive option.