Sodium Chlorate

For an electricity intensive process such as sodium chlorate production, Iceland's access to competitively priced, geothermal energy makes it a highly attractive option.

Iceland is also perfectly located within reach of both the European and North American markets.

With the pulp and paper industry having chosen sodium chlorate over elementary chlorine, this is an area of great opportunity and potential.

Reasons to choose Iceland:

Access to competitively priced electricity

  • Sodium chlorate is a highly electricity-intensive process in terms of
    • Consumption
    • Energy cost as a percentage of cash cost.
  • Iceland's geothermal energy resources thus make it an ideal location for sodium chlorate production.

A range of great resources 

  • Iceland has excellent potential for developing new science-based ventures with:
    • No shortage of competitively priced land
    • Highly educated workforce in the science sector.
  • Plenty of opportunity to produce salt in Iceland, which is the main raw material in sodium chlorate production, through sea evaporation.

Meeting the needs of the industry

  • The sodium chlorate industry is moving production away from places where electricity prices have soared.
  • With lower energy costs and an easily shippable product, Iceland has the potential to meet the needs of this sector.

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Iceland's ability to offer green power makes it a perfect choice for cleantech and hightech enterprises that are looking to take advantage of this unique access to clean energy.