Opportunities in the tourism industry in Iceland have never been better

With strong political and business supportpublic-private partnerships and ever- growing numbers of visitors to the country, tourism in Iceland is a true area of growth. The advantages that Iceland offers the sector are largely based on:

  • Location: midway between Europe and USA
  • Nature: breathtaking nature is the most popular attraction to visitors
  • Cultural identity: a distinct history and culture

The role of these factors in increasing Iceland's attraction to tourists ensure long-term opportunities in areas such as travel, accommodation and excursions.

Reasons to choose Iceland:

A perfect location with excellent transport links

  • Iceland's location at the midway point between Europe and the USA makes it widely accessible to tourists and visitors.
  • Ever-improving international and domestic transport links increase the associated opportunities for tourist ventures.

A natural landscape that attracts the world

  • Iceland's natural treasures are world famous and accessible through a variety of short and longer trips. 
  • The international interests in the country's natural assets offer ever-increasing opportunities for the tourism industry, from accommodation to excursion packages.

Rich history and culture

  • Iceland's historical heritage is among its most attractive assets to visitors.
  • This also applies to the country's cultural identity, from the Viking Sagas to the vibrant artistic and musical scene of today.
  • Tourist experiences focused on these attractions create a wide range of possibilities for tourist-based businesses.

Safe, independent and family friendly

  • Iceland has a distinct personality as a destination that isn't compromised by mass tourism.
  • The low crime rate, lack of overcrowding and hospitality create a strong and attractive identity for tourists.

A variety of business and economic advantages

  • Public private partnerships, and strong interest in developing tourist sites, create an excellent environment for investment in a rapidly increasing sector.
  • Favourable exchange rates and government support strengthen the opportunities for the industry.

A wide range of opportunities and untapped potential

  • From a need for high-end hotels to increasing Iceland's image as a destination outside of high season, the possibilities for the tourist industry remain ever evolving.

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