Húnavellir Retreat

In Iceland, where there is the greatest shortage of hotel accommodation, there is now an opportunity to transform a former school building into a tourist destination. The property is located right next to the famous Ring Road around Iceland and is therefore in a prime location. The condition of the property is very good as the building has been renovated in recent years. Part of the property is run as a year-round hotel and all the infrastructure is in place to increase the number of rooms and use the unique facilities that come with it. A fully equipped gymnasium, heated swimming pool with hot tub, dining room, kitchen, camping area and renovated apartments are included in the purchase.

A new unified municipality combined the elementary schools, which meant that this building is no longer needed. It is in the interest of the municipality that the building is fully operational and can create employment and increase tourism in the area.

Further information:

Magnús Barðdal Reynisson

Project manager

SSNV (North West region association)