The Resource Park of HS Orka

Built around HS Orka's geothermal power plants on the Reykjanes Peninsula, the Resource Park is a leading cluster for green and sustainable businesses. The Resource Park is a pioneer in creating value from various geothermal resource streams which would otherwise go to waste. Instead, the streams are utilized by various businesses in a circular economy system. More than ten companies are now operating in the Resource Park in various sectors such as tourism, aquaculture, power-to-X, biotechnology, and algae.

The Resource Park is a “one stop shop” for businesses looking for renewable energy, resources, infrastructure, and land. It offers the following products:

  • Renewable energy
  • Hot water (potable)
  • Cold water (potable)
  • Geothermal water brine
  • Steam/thermal power
  • Warm lava filtered sea water
  • CO2  

    Moreover, the Resource Park is offering for lease around 50 hectares of ready-to-build greenfield sites, in the vicinity of Reykjanes Power Plant, connectable to the existing infrastructure and resource streams. The Resource Park is located on two main sites on the Reykjanes Peninsula; Svartsengi and Reykjanes - surrounding HS Orka’s two power plants. It is ideally located, close to the international airport (22 km), Reykjavík capital area (30 km) and deep sea and fishing ports (23 km).

Sustainable and circular opportunities

The Resource Park offers a unique opportunity in Iceland, not only in utilizing sustainable resources from the power plants, but also to further build on our circular economy system by utilizing sources, raw material, or waste material from existing businesses in the park. We have identified a number of perspective sectors that would fit well into our current circular economy system and strategies:

  • E-fuels (ex. hydrogen, methanol, methane)
  • Aquaculture (ex. warm water species and algae)
  • Food and supplements (ex. vertical farming and microalgae)
  • Chemicals (ex. fertilizers, minerals etc.)
    These projects represent future proof sectors that create further opportunities for synergies and a circular economy.

About HS Orka

HS Orka was founded in 1974 and is Iceland’s largest privately owned power producer in Iceland. Owners of HS Orka are Jarðvarmi (50%), an entity owned by 14 Icelandic pension funds, and an infrastructure investment fund (50%), managed by UK-based Ancala Partners. HS Orka is the country’s third largest energy producer with 216 MW electrical production capacity through its two geothermal power plants and two hydroelectric power plants. Sales are approximately 275 MW of electrical energy and 175 MW thermal energy as well as providing fresh water and other resources through the Resource Park. HS Orka is proud of its 50-year history of utilizing multiple streams from the geothermal resource in our Resource Park.

Further information:

Berglind Kristjánsdóttir

Managing Director

SSS (Federation of Sudurnes Munucipalities)