Competitively Priced Green Energy

Iceland is the only country in Western Europe that still has considerable resources of competitively priced, renewable energy remaining to be harnessed. 

Iceland has rich resources of hydroelectric and geothermal energy, which are responsibly and renewably harnessed to provide electrical power, space heating, hot water and steam for industrial, commercial and domestic use.

Iceland’s energy infrastructure ranks number 1 in Europe according to IMD’s World competitiveness yearbook 2014 for reliability, efficiency and cost.

Iceland offers long-term energy contracts, as well as enabling companies to cut cost and minimize their carbon footprint. Scalable locations are available with advanced infrastructure.


Hydro Power

Natural conditions in Iceland favor the use of hydroelectric installations for the generation of electricity.

In 2014, the installed capacity was 1.986 MW, generating 72% of the country’s electricity production. The largest single hydropower plant has a capacity of 690MW.

Bellow is a map of Hydro power plants in Iceland:

Source: National Energy Authority

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is used for domestic and industrial purposes.

Over 85% of the population enjoys central heating using geothermal energy at a price that is less than half the cost of oil or electric heating. 

Geothermal steam is used directly for a number of industrial processing applications.

Bellow is a figure showing the development from 1970-2013 in geothermal energy:

Source: National Energy Authority


A modern, efficient national grid provides electricity to domestic and industrial users. Click on the picture below to see the current power live:


For information regarding legislation on electricity in Iceland, see following links:

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Data centers in Iceland

Iceland has one of the world’s most reliable power infrastructures, renewable power sources, ideal climate for free cooling and offers long-term contracts and scalable locations.

Usage of renewable energy

Diversified Usage of Renewable Energy in Iceland
Extract from an analysis of alternative energy intensive sectors

Key Sectors

With high professional standards and the cooperation of major international banks and accounting companies, a large number of international investors have been establishing their business in a wide range of industries in the investor-friendly environment of Iceland