Efficient Business Environment

Efficient Business Environment in Iceland

The business environment in Iceland is highly efficient where there is business flexibility, a flexible labor market and business friendly regulations as shown on the graph below:



Access to official bodies and agencies is easy in Iceland’s small society. Government policy aims to provide a fair, efficient and competition-driven operating environment for companies within a market economy, and to encourage foreign investment, especially in areas that diversify the economy.


Labor Market Efficiency

According to The Global Competitiveness Report 2014–2015, by the World Economic Forum, Iceland has an efficient labor market, where it ranks in 14th place out of 144 countries.


Iceland is in the 11th place for cooperation in labor-employer relations and 11th in women in labor force, ratio to men.

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Key Sectors

With high professional standards and the cooperation of major international banks and accounting companies, a large number of international investors have been establishing their business in a wide range of industries in the investor-friendly environment of Iceland