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Iceland Within Reach

Iceland is located midway between Europe and North America. This North Atlantic island has an area of 103,000 km2 (40,000 sq mi), which is roughly equal in size to:

  • Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium combined
  • Scotland and Wales combined
  • The U.S. state of Kentucky
  • South Korea

Regular sea and air links keep the population well supplied

Keflavík Airport near Reykjavik is Iceland's principal international airport, with daily flights going all over the world.

Flight duration is 2.5-5 hours to Europe and 5-6 hours to the United States (East Coast) and Canada.  

Two Icelandic shipping lines operate cargo scheduled serving ports in North America, Scandinavia, UK, continental Europe and the Baltic, and have developed international freight forwarding systems. These lines operate bulk charter transportation for specific imports and exports, e.g. industrial raw materials and finished products.

The Icelandic freight ports are extremely busy with both imports and exports, being taken to and from all over Europe and USA.

Shipping takes 3–4 days to Europe and 7–8 days to North America.

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Data centers in Iceland

Iceland has one of the world’s most reliable power infrastructures, renewable power sources, ideal climate for free cooling and offers long-term contracts and scalable locations.

Key Sectors

With high professional standards and the cooperation of major international banks and accounting companies, a large number of international investors have been establishing their business in a wide range of industries in the investor-friendly environment of Iceland